How it all started

You Should Watch This with Ed and Simon began as a series of drunken conversations between two film-loving friends who were constantly recommending forgotten and unloved movies to each other. With the help of sound, editing and music maestro David, a podcast was born. The concept is simple:

Each episode, one of the boys presents an overlooked film they love, and tries to convince the other of its misunderstood genius. The two debate its merits and discuss how it was made and whether it belongs in the pantheon of cinematic greats.

Season 1 introduces us to eight unique, brilliant films and Season 2 is coming hot on its heels to bring even more recommendations for unmissable films into your life.

Ed Hime

Dedicated follower of film Ed Hime spent his twenties working in London’s art-house cinemas, and is now a screenwriter who has written for Skins and Doctor Who. His love for Mark Ruffalo knows no bounds.

Simon Fowler

Nocturnal film critic with a penchant for North Korean cinema, Simon has written for publications such as The Guardian, Little White Lies and Sight & Sound  and has published a book on the cinema of Mainland China (here). The others still are unsure why he likes Chevy Chase films so much.

David Craigie

Producing, editing and scoring the theme music for You Should Watch This, DC is the reason this podcast made it over the line. A film buff in his own right, he accidentally taught the others how to pronounce Studio Ghibli.

Kerri Hall

The voice of god and speck of diversity in the male hetero-normative decay that is You Should Watch This. When not empowering the youth of today, Kerri is an actress, comedian and voice over artist.